Admitted students

Bienvenue aux Arts et Métiers

Congratulations on being admitted to Arts et Métiers !

Admission letters or notifications are sent by email to students and, where necessary, partner institutions.

If hard copies are needed, please let us know.

After receiving your confirmation of admission, Arts et Métiers will provide you with all the information and support you need before making the move to France. Practical matters such as residence permit, accommodation, health insurance, enrollment can be attended to as soon as your admission is confirmed.

If you have been admitted to Arts et Métiers but you are facing a visa problem, a delayed arrival or a request for postponement of admission, please contact the Admissions Department and the International Relations Office on your campus as soon as possible (at the email addresses indicated on your admission letter).

Academic calendar

The academic year at Arts et Métiers is divided into two terms. The autumn term starts in September and runs until end of January. Spring term begins end of January and runs until the beginning of June.

Exams take place in January and May. Re-examination takes place in February and June.

Integration offer

We offer admitted non-French-speaking students to subscribe to our integration package - in the amount of 3,000€ - which includes:

  • A week of linguistic and cultural preparation prior to the beginning of classes;
  • Supplementary French langue classes;
  • Mentoring from an academic;
  • Mentoring from a student;
  • Personal assistance in the search of internship;
  • Enhanced support with administrative procedure.

For more information, please contact 

French language courses

French language courses are offered in all our campuses throughout the academic year. They are recommended to international students who wish to get an introduction to French society and culture or to improve their proficiency in French.

Distance learning courses are also available. Here are some examples of French courses that could help you prepare your stay in France:

In addition, external institutions may offer French language courses to international students in July and/or in August. You should contact them directly since these programmes are not managed by Arts et Métiers. Tuition fees may apply; in this case they are payable by the student.

Here is a non-exhaustive list:

Journée portes ouvertes

Dernières actualités

Arts et Métiers renforce son dispositif de lutte contre les violences sexistes et sexuelles (VSS) et de prise en charge des victimes, en organisant, en complément de sa cellule écoute-veille-accompagneme


Les Rencontres du Développement Durable, dont Arts et Métiers est partenaire, se dérouleront en ligne du 27 septembre au 14 octobre 2021. Les inscriptions sont déjà ouvertes.


Le mardi 7 septembre, le campus Arts et Métiers de Châlons était présent à la Foire de Châlons, 2ème rendez-vous agricole en France !


Le rapport d'activité 2020 d'Arts et Métiers revient sur les chiffres clés de l’Ecole pour l’année 2020, en termes d’effectifs et d’employabilité (fonctions, secte