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Quentin Brilhault, PhD student in the LISPEN laboratory in Arts et Métiers campus in Aix-en-Provence defends his thesis on 6th December 2023

Thesis title

Digital continuity based on transformation model learning: a model-driven interoperability approach.


The digital transformation of industry is forcing companies to improve digital continuity within their organization, by strengthening the ability of their distributed systems to communicate and coordinate their activities, in order to perform complex tasks such as intelligent planning, anomaly detection, or reducing the ecological footprint of industrial processes.

In an unstable and highly heterogeneous digital environment, constantly evolving both technically with the emergence of new technologies, and organizationally with increased demands for agility and adaptability in production chains, establishing and maintaining interoperability between systems is a crucial task.

Model transformations, the cornerstone of Model Driven Architecture, could provide a concrete solution to the requirements of dynamic and sustainable interoperability between systems. 

Especially since a new paradigm, using machine learning techniques, could simplify the creation and maintenance of transformation models by automatically learning the transformation rules between models.

Two contributions are presented in this thesis work: 

An application of reinforcement learning principles to automatically derive transformation rules; 

An experimental protocol to evaluate and validate the ability of the proposed approach to automatically infer transformation models while complying with Industry 4.0 specifications.

A benchmark of existing approaches concludes this work, showing the effectiveness of reinforcement learning techniques in learning transformation rules that link two different metamodels.


  • Mr Julien Le Duigou, University Professor, Roberval UTC (rapporteur)
  • Mr Hervé Panetto, Professeur des Universités, CRAN, Telecom Nancy (rapporteur)
  • Mr Vincent Cheutet, Professeur des Universités, DIS-lab, INSA de Lyon (examiner)
  • Ms Esma Yahia, thesis co-director, Senior Lecturer, LISPEN, Arts et Métiers (examiner)
  • Mr Lionel Roucoules, thesis supervisor, University Professor, LISPEN, Arts et Métiers (examiner)
  • Mrs Françoise Perrel, PhD, CNES (examiner)

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Quentin Brilhault, PhD student in the LISPEN laboratory in Arts et Métiers campus in Aix-en-Provence defends his thesis on 6th December 2023


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