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Arts et Métiers is an undeniable partner for four major sectors of the industry of the future, by contributing to the development of technological innovations. An explanation from Ivan Iordanoff, Dean of research and innovation.

Transport: "The transport industry is facing many challenges that are linked to both ecological efficiency and economic competitiveness. It is one of the sectors with which we collaborate the most in conjunction with the Alliance Industrie du Futur (Industry of the Future Alliance). Our laboratories are involved in research dealing with all problems surrounding the modernization of manufacturing processes and production lines, the use of new materials, and the energy efficiency of new means of transportation."

Energy: "Arts et Métiers specializes in the management of energy networks. This expertise is particularly useful for energy sources with intermittent production, which is a characteristic of renewable energy, such as wind turbines. Our scientific knowledge and skills also extend to energy production machines, aimed in particular at improving their efficiency. Energy storage is also a major challenge for this industry and thus a scientific challenge for our teams."

Health: "Health technology is a particularly dynamic sector with start-ups driving many of its innovations. Its research activities include the tailoring of treatments for musculoskeletal disorders to personal needs, which have a clear societal impact. These issues are being increasingly addressed by the industry of the future that places people and the quality of work at its very core. "Other key topics include tissue regeneration and restorative additive manufacturing and our teams are already working on these futuristic themes."

Housing: "Wood is one of the emerging sectors in the building industry. It has many advantages in terms of structure, thermal properties and durability. Our research also focuses on additive materials manufacturing. Regarding concrete, our labs are working on the creation of alveolar microstructures that are capable of optimising thermal and mechanical properties, for example."

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